As an L&D leader, you might have witnessed talks about how learning management systems may (or have) become redundant. Well, if you look a bit deeper, you will be surprised by what you find! The fact is that the learning management system (LMS) as a concept will remain a mission-critical component for successful implementation of your L&D initiatives. But given that the marketplace is flooded with a multitude of such systems claiming the upper hand over one another, positioning mere tweaks as innovations, it must have become rather overwhelming for you to choose your best fit, right? Well, good news—you are not alone with such agony! But the question remains: How to address this problem? Searching for the answer drove JKT Learning Solutions to look beyond the mundane and develop a digital learning platform that goes hand-in-hand with the learning needs of new-age learners and facilitators.

Introducing Learnprof—the new-age digital learning platform for innovative learning authoring, delivery, and management (LADM). With Learnprof, JKT Learning Solutions has bridged the gap between your users, developers, and facilitators as a one-stop solution for all your learning needs.

Zia Rahman, CEO of JKT Learning Solutions and the maker of Learnprof, says, “Learnprof made us realize that we have put together a product that caters to the learners, irrespective of their location or the language. The only reason it marks a clear differentiator from the herd is because we decided to invest on designing this based on extensive research for over two years with learners, learning experts, learning champions, corporate L&D departments, L&D universities, and learning administrators. It’s responsive and easy to customize!”  

Learnprof’s “features-on-demand” model ensures measurable and attractive ROI. As you go on implementing and maturing in your L&D initiatives, you can continue to leverage a wide variety of amazing features along the way:

  • Advance collaborative content authoring
  • Multi-vendor onboarding
  • Configurable learning analytics
  • Modular deployment of features
  • Publishing multilingual native eBook or HTML5
  • Skills-gap analysis and competency mapping
  • Social learning and team management
  • Workflow-oriented task management 
  • Rewards and gamification
  • Virtual learning environments
  • Federated login
  • Online and offline availability
  • Native Android/iOS/Windows applications
  • Integrated asset store
  • Personalized learning experience
  • Secured available JSON APIs
  • Advanced content security with AES-256 encryption
  • SCORM and xAPI (Tin Can) compliance

With innovative built-in features and meticulously designed, user-friendly functions, Learnprof strives to bring thought leadership to the digital learning authoring, delivery, and management (LADM) space.

About JKT Learning Solutions

JKT Learning Solutions is a premier strategic investment in the new-age digital learning solutions space from the $4 billion JK business group. Led by seasoned experts from the L&D industry, JKT is driven by the vision of innovating “beyond-the-box” digital learning solutions. For more information, visit or call +

JKT Learning Solutions will be exhibiting next week at DevLearn 2016 Conference & Expo, November 16 – 18 in Las Vegas, Nevada. DevLearn attendees can find JKT at Booth 132.