HT2 Labs—owner of the world’s most-installed learning record store, Learning Locker—has a full-packed schedule of speaking sessions and demos lined up for this year’s DevLearn Conference & Expo to help businesses understand how to get greater returns from their technology investments.

Learning Locker, which recently picked up the MongoDB Open Source Innovation Award, enables the easy storing, aggregation, and sharing of xAPI data, and is used by organizations across the globe to help make their learning more measurable.

Using Learning Locker LRS as the backbone for a range of solutions to L&D’s biggest challenges, HT2 Labs specializes in helping organizations improve student success rates and reducing time to competency by adopting a “plan, learn, measure” approach. The approach utilizes HT2’s other technologies (social learning platform Curatr and personal learning hub Red Panda) alongside existing software and tools to make for scalable, future-proofed learning environments that improve the learning experience for organizations and their learners alike.

Ben Betts, CEO of HT2 Labs, is looking forward to the show and the opportunity to share years of experience working with xAPI technology with delegates:

“[At HT2 Labs] our technology is targeted towards three core requirements that our research tells us are vital to making effective learning experiences: making learning more personal, more social, and more measurable.

“As a company that’s been involved with the xAPI community for a number of years now, we’re excited that demand, interest, and use in the technology is really starting to take off. Our expo booth is located in the xAPI Central zone, and in addition to running demos on our stand, we’re also delighted to be delivering a number of speaking sessions over the course of the show to share our research and experience.

“If you are attending the event, be sure to look out for a set of six xAPI case studies in your ‘swag bag’ and around the conference, as each of them carries a coupon for money off Learning Locker services.”

In addition to demonstrations of the new learning ecosystem and facilitating conversations around the use of xAPI, HT2 will also be giving away a free mini guide—xAPI: The Case Studies—at Booth 542. 

Further information on the Learning Locker discount offer and details of all HT2’s speaking sessions can be found here.

About HT2 Labs

HT2 is the R&D company for learning and performance, investing time and resources into developing technologies that help organizations from all sectors design, develop, and deliver better learning experiences for people who want to change their lives through learning.

With experts in social learning, learning analytics, and xAPI, HT2 Labs is the creator of:

  • Curatr, an award-winning social learning platform that gives teams the tools to design, deliver, and facilitate social learning experiences while making the best of the content and systems they already own. It was recognized as the leader in social learning innovation by the 2016 Learning & Performance Institute Awards.
  • Learning Locker, the world’s most-installed learning record store (LRS), a data warehouse and analytics tool designed specifically for the education and learning sector. Universities, training providers, and big businesses use Learning Locker to store, sort, and share their learning data on a massive scale. It was recognized as the leading open-source innovation at the 2016 MongoDB Innovation Awards.
  • Red Panda, a new personal learning hub to help learners set and meet goals, recommending content and ticking off progress automatically as they go. It curates popular resources like Coursera, EdX and Khan Academy and allows companies to align these resources with the skills and competencies they need learners to develop.
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