JoomlaLMS, a leading provider of a learning management system for Joomla! CMS, this week announced the release of a mobile application for Android and iOS.

“We cannot neglect the fact that mobile learning is the new reality. The pace of life has significantly changed the way we learn and absorb information. That is why a mobile app today is not something extraordinary, but a must-have feature of a learning management system that corresponds with the modern learners’ needs,” says Denis Pavlysh, the head of the JoomlaLMS development team. “However, we didn’t set a goal to replace a web-browser JoomlaLMS version with a mobile app by squeezing in all the available features. We believe a mobile app and a web-browser version should complement one another, not substitute.”

  • The JoomlaLMS mobile app allows learners to:
  • View course information and take courses in a browser
  • Check grades on courses, quizzes, and assignments
  • Keep track of course announcements
  • View certificates
  • Check their status (passed or not) and course status (active or expired)






The JoomlaLMS development team plans to enlarge the list of functions available in the app in future releases.

When developing the JoomlaLMS mobile app, the team aimed to deliver the best possible mobile experience: an app that is easy to use and work with, including an intuitive interface and clear navigation. To start using the mobile application, users need only enter their login, password, and the LMS website URL. You can find more information at the JoomlaLMS website.

Users can download the JoomlaLMS mobile version in the Google Play market or Apple’s App Store.

About JoomlaLMS

JoomlaLMS is a fully functional eLearning platform with a range of useful features developed for Open Source Joomla! CMS.  Founded in 2006, JoomlaLMS became one of the first learning solutions for Joomla! CMS. Due to an extensive set of features, competitive price, and flexibility, the platform gained popularity and became a widely used learning management system. Today, JoomlaLMS is in use by more than 1,000 organizations including higher education, banking, insurance, health care, retail, and others. Based on Joomla! CMS, JoomlaLMS possesses all the characteristics that make Joomla! an ideal choice, including available expandability thanks to more than 8,000 existing Joomla! extensions. In addition to eLearning software provision, the company offers custom development services.


For more information, visit or call +1.323.825.4948.