Indusgeeks, a leading game-based training and gamification solution provider, is planning to announce feature enhancements to its INIT platform that make it the most cutting-edge gamified training platform for the banking, financial services, and insurance industries at FocusOn Learning 2016.

“We are thrilled to announce these new enhancements and platform upgrades to help our clients in the BFSI sector transform their legacy training content into a more engaging and gamified learning experience,” said Indusgeeks CEO Sid Banerjee.

Ashima Misri, COO at Indusgeeks, added, “The INIT platform has been used for a variety of business processes, such as leadership development, sales training, induction, compliance, and other soft skills. Over the past year, we’ve also been listening to feedback from our customers in the finance and insurance sectors and improving the framework for their specific needs.”

Indusgeeks has been producing game-based training and gamification solutions for Fortune 1,000 companies, academic institutions, and governments worldwide since 2007. The company revealed that its INIT platform will soon support content deliverable on augmented- and virtual-reality devices.

To learn more about the INIT platform or book an interview with the CEO, contact Siddharth Banerjee at booth 108 at the FocusOn Learning Expo. Alternately, email or visit for further information regarding the INIT platform.

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