Every developer builds up an inventory of handy ways to solve problems that come up now and again, and ideas that might be the basis for a unique response to a unique challenge. The eLearning Guild archives and the Learning Exchange are loaded with useful bits that others have shared. If you haven’t taken a little time to explore what’s there, maybe you really should.

To tempt you into taking a look, here are five samples. You need to be a member at some level to access these. For the Learning Exchange, simply being an Associate Member is enough (Associate membership is free). Access to other levels requires higher level membership. You can get all the details here.

Learning Exchange: Checklist Interaction for Storyline. David Anderson. Video (00:4:28). Checklist interactions are a great solution when you need to list materials, products, ingredients, action items, and more. Includes link to free download.

Online Events Archive: Author on the Mobile, Author for the Mobile. Pooja Jaisingh. Recording (00:56:50). Learn how to create mobile learning courses using mobile devices alongside Adobe Captivate 9. Learn how to create storyboards using Adobe Captivate Draft, share it for review with colleagues and clients, implement feedback, and then open the storyboard in Adobe Captivate to convert it to a full-fledged responsive eLearning course. Also, take a look at an easy workflow to record iOS devices and add gesture effects over the recording. And there’s more!

Learning Exchange: How to Create an Animated GIF from Video in Photoshop. Tim Slade. Video (00:03:04). Exactly what the title says it is. You never knew it was this simple to do.

Learning Exchange: Online QA Spreadsheet Template. Diane Elkins. Google Doc. Tracking bugs and typos is nobody’s idea of a good time, especially if you are the project manager, your SMEs are doing the checking, and nobody is located in the same city, state, or country. This spreadsheet will help—and because it’s a Google Doc, the time and distance differences don’t matter.

Online Events Archive: Be Your Own eLearning Voice-over Artist. Charles Jones. Handout, recording (1:06:35). Adding quality voice-overs to your eLearning program can greatly enhance knowledge transfer. But hiring professional voice-over talent can be expensive, and subject-matter experts (SMEs) may not always be available. That leaves just one person—you! Learn what to do with an eLearning script. Discover mark-up techniques, and how to make minor modifications to a script to make it as natural as possible to read. You’ll learn which words or phrases to emphasize to match the instructional content, and how to clarify any issues with the SME or content provider. You’ll get four simple audio-editing techniques for reducing background noise, improving the quality of the narration, removing unwanted portions of the audio, and optimizing the audio for playback. You’ll also learn how to set up an inexpensive recording studio to further improve the quality of your voice-overs.

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