Learning management systems have been a key feature of eLearning implementations in many organizations for years, and they continue to be important even as new technologies and approaches to online learning evolve. However, the strategic questions around the role of the LMS are changing in character, and it is essential to understand how organizations are dealing with these changes.

Here are five resources from The eLearning Guild’s archives that will provide examples and ideas that may match your challenges!

Conference Archive: Shifting from Learning to Expertise Management Systems. Organizations train their employees so that they can build expertise and perform their respective jobs, yet learning management systems only track and report learning. How can an organization make the strategic shift away from learning management to expertise management? In this session video, you will see how one organization has done exactly this! Session video from Ecosystem 2015.

Learning Exchange: Seven Learnings from an LMS Implementation. Are you implementing a new LMS? Are you replacing a legacy system? Benefit from another project manager’s experience! Leverage what he learned, and from insights such as, “Users don’t differentiate between LMS and content—for them, it’s the same.” (In other words, start with the content.) Text.

Online Events Archive: Rich LMS Functionality without an Internet Connection. Although this Online Forum dealt with a solution devised for the American Society of Anesthesiologists, it provides insights that may be of value to anyone who needs to come up with a way to deliver rich functionality on mobile devices without internet connections. Recording, handout. Paid Guild membership required for access.

Online Events Archive: Learning Platform Strategies: LMS, LRS, or Both? As learning evolves to be more on-demand and predictive, how can you plan and adopt a flexible learning architecture that combines existing training resources and services with future educational-technology innovations to accelerate organizational performance? This is a tough question to answer, and this session provides you with tips about the best possible paths to move from an LMS-centric to an LRS-centric learning approach, including the obstacles to avoid. Recording, handout. Paid Guild membership required for access.

Online Events Archive: Reimagining the LMS: Brand, Marketing, and User Experience. An important move for learning and development teams is to shift from being a training provider to becoming a strategic partner in the business. This case study shows you how a learning and development organization re-thought its LMS so that it was no longer a pain to use and expanded its functionality to give employees the opportunity to learn from each other. Recording, handout. Paid Guild membership required for access.