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1008 Overcoming Barriers to Video Use in Learning - hosted by Brandon Hall, PhD

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Thursday, June 22

Management and Strategy

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Videos in learning isn't new, but the video medium is seeing rapid expansion in use, from microlearning to interactivity. Before you can move forward, you need buy-in, and that can be challenging. Barriers to approval can range from bandwidth and hosting to skill sets and equipment costs.

Join our panel of experts as they explore how you can overcome the most common barriers to video use for organizational learning. You’ll learn how to help move your organization forward with dynamic approaches to learning and development.

Matthew Pierce

Learning & Video Ambassador


Matthew Pierce, learning & video ambassador from TechSmith, has created videos for learning and marketing for over a decade. He is the lead behind TechSmith Academy, a free platform teaching video and image creation for business, which has been used by tens of thousands of users. He is host of The Visual Lounge Podcast from TechSmith, which streams live on Youtube and LinkedIn weekly. Matthew is a regular speaker at multiple learning and development-focused conferences and is a regular contributor to various training publications.

Ty Marbut

Executive Producer

Ty Marbut Instructional Video

Ty Marbut, executive producer at Ty Marbut Instructional Video, is an independent producer, director, editor, and adviser of instructional multimedia and documentary films. Focusing on training principles drawn from research in cognitive psychology, Ty works with teachers and teams in higher education, private companies, and government to deliver their messages as effectively as possible through multimedia immersion, high level-of-processing interaction, and the efficient use of existing media and human talent. His specialty areas include instructional video production and direction, training others in video production, and interactive video pedagogy.

Tara Bryan


TLS Learning

Tara Bryan, owner of TLS Learning, has over 18 years of diverse experience in strategic consulting, instructional design, and eLearning design and development for clients in a variety of industries. She is recognized in her field as being an expert who is passionate about bringing engaging and interactive learning experiences to learners. She works with clients to design and build high-quality learning programs that improve performance in the workplace. Her unique skillset of instructional design, visual design, and technical expertise puts her in a position to work successfully with clients to create the right solution that exceeds their business requirements.

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