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209 Overcoming Barriers to Games for Learning - hosted by Brandon Hall, PhD

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Tuesday, June 20

Management and Strategy

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Games and gamification are new ideas to many organizations. Executives may perceive games for learning as child’s play, or may struggle to understand how they’re different from the scenario-based learning you already have. Furthermore, some see gamification as an artificial reward system that will have no long-term benefits.

Moving your organization forward with new approaches to learning and development can be challenging—especially when the new approaches involve nontraditional ideas or technologies. Join our panel of experts as they discuss how you can overcome the most common barriers to games and gamification and ramp up your organization’s performance.

Koreen Pagano

Founder & CEO

Isanno, Inc.

Koreen Pagano, founder and CEO of Isanno, Inc., is a globally recognized product leader with deep expertise in learning technologies, skills strategy, AI, analytics, and immersive technologies. Koreen has held product leadership roles building go-to-market strategies and technology and content products for learning, skills, and talent markets at, LinkedIn, D2L, Degreed, and Wiley. Koreen previously founded Tandem Learning in 2008, where she pioneered immersive learning through virtual worlds, games, and simulations. She has taught graduate courses at Harrisburg University and provided advisory and consulting services to emerging tech companies in the VR and education markets. Koreen is a seasoned international speaker and author of the book Immersive Learning.

Kami Hanson

Senior Manager, Learning Program Office

Sears Holdings Corporation

Kami Hanson is a senior manager of the Learning Program Office for Home Services at Sears Holdings Corporation (SHC). She graduated from Utah State University with her doctorate in instructional technology and learning sciences. Kami joined SHC in 2014 and has led a learning transformation impacting over 175,000 associates. She has worked collaboratively with the Innovations team to design the learner engagement model and game economy for an open-learning, gamified learning management system. She has been in the field of adult learning for over 15 years, having worked in academia, the financial industry, retail, and now, home services.

Tara Aiken

Senior Manager, L&D Strategy and Operations


Tara Aiken is the senior manager of L&D strategy and operations for Target. Tara, who was previously in charge of instructional design and media at Life Time Fitness and instructional design for C.H. Robinson, has developed and implemented strategies for instructional technologies and design for experienced design teams and teams of subject matter expert instructional designers.

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