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1010 Deconstructing Games: Wits and Wagers

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Thursday, June 22


Spinnaker 1

Deconstructing Games is a new series of hands-on sessions where you’ll have the opportunity to play a game and then discuss how the mechanics in play can be applied in your own learning context.

Session Description:
In Wits and Wagers, all players are asked questions that require a number answer. After recording their numbers, the answers are arranged in numerical order. Each player wagers a chip on the right answer. If they are right, the “house” pays them; if wrong, they lose their chip. The person who gave the right answer also wins a chip.      

In this session, you’ll explore how technical product details and traditional company history or information can be presented in this game format. Wits and Wagers illustrates collaboration, sharing of information, and evaluation.

Novice and intermediate designers, project managers, managers, and directors.

Stephanie Daul

Learning Consultant


Stephanie Daul, an independent learner consultant, researches new learning and knowledge technologies and techniques. She also designs performance-improvement solutions for traditional classroom instruction, eLearning, and virtual sessions. As a consultant for global Fortune 500 companies, she creates synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences from analysis through implementation. Stephanie has designed and implemented over a dozen gamified learning experiences. She authored “Game Design for Learning” in ASTD’s TD at Work. Stephanie educates others on new technologies including mobile, QR codes, and xAPI. She holds an MA degree from Roosevelt University in T&D and a BA in education from Northern Illinois University.

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