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IE102 Mobile: The Key Enabler of Modern Blended Learning

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM Tuesday, June 20

Expo Hall: Interactive Experiences Stage

Mobile devices are ubiquitous and now an essential tool in everyone’s pocket or purse. But are these devices truly helpful, or are they more of a hindrance to how people connect, communicate, and collaborate with peers, teams, and organizations?

In this session, you will learn about several proven approaches to introducing and managing mobile devices as a significant part of today’s modern blended learning environment. You’ll explore how best to use PDFs and EPUBs as support for learning on the go; the best approaches to surveying and using interactive whiteboards to promote greater collaborative learning; and how you can use both video and game mechanics to help spur increased mobile usage.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to leverage mobile for pre-work before a scheduled ILT class
  • How to use digital documents (PDFs, EPUBs) to replace traditional support materials
  • How to increase content consumption before, during, and after a blended curriculum
  • How to incorporate video and game mechanics to drive mobile usage
  • How launching surveys, polls, and interactive whiteboards can increase collaboration

Novice to advanced designers and developers.

Technology discussed in this session:
PDFs, EPUBs, survey tools, and virtual whiteboards.

Robert Gadd


OnPoint Digital

Robert Gadd is president of OnPoint Digital and responsible for the company’s vision and strategy. OnPoint’s online and mobile-enabled offerings support more than one million workers and include innovative methods for content authoring, conversion, and delivery extended with social interactions, gamification, and enterprise-grade security for workers on their device or platform of choice. Prior to OnPoint, Robert spent 10 years as CTO of Datatec Systems and president/CTO of spin-off He is a frequent speaker on learning solutions—including mobile, informal learning, xAPI, and gamification—at national and international T&D conferences.

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