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304 Using Mobile to Take the Classroom to the Field

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Tuesday, June 20


Marina 6

Verifying that a new hire is ready for operational responsibilities is a continual challenge, but in the technical support world where “first time fix” is such a crucial measure of customer satisfaction and efficiency, it is vital. Theory tests only go so far; the adoption of mobile devices by this technician community presented an opportunity to gather data in the field to validate understanding and correct application.

In this case-study session you will learn how, while building a mobile-first learning resource for field teams, Prosell realized that the true power of mobile lies in its ability to create active learners through the curation of photo and video records. Additionally, the team learned that encouraging new hires to immediately reflect on experiences was extremely impactful. You will see how devising activities that invited technicians to capture evidence of their learning quickly spawned ideas for how to verify competence in the field. The session will show how this approach has created a new model of competence assessment at Prosell’s client, Comcast.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to accelerate learning by having learners use a mobile device to reflect on experiences as they occur
  • How to assess competence in the field without the cost of continual supervision
  • How a mobile-first scaffolded curriculum can propel learners through multiple cycles of “learn, check, apply, verify” to significantly improve knowledge retention and increase confidence
  • Why mobile devices are brilliantly suited to facilitating learning, rather than pushing content
  • How to engage coaches, mentors, and managers in facilitating new-hire development using mobile-first approaches

Novice to advanced project managers, managers, directors, and senior leaders.

Technology discussed in this session:
Mobile devices.

Guy Sellwood

VP, Americas

Prosell Learning

Guy Sellwood, the VP of Americas at Prosell Learning, has over 25 years of performance improvement consulting experience, working with global organizations such as Avis, Dell, PayPal, and Xerox. More recently he has been involved with the development of an onboarding web app to accelerate the performance of salespeople and deliver reduced attrition and higher recruitment ROI for clients. Guy is passionate about active and blended workplace development being the key to sustaining high performance.

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