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710 Deconstructing Games: Spaceteam

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Wednesday, June 21


Marina 4

Deconstructing Games is a new series of hands-on sessions where you’ll have the opportunity to play a game and then discuss how the mechanics in play can be applied in your own learning context.

Session Description:
is a game that challenges up to eight players to work together as a team to repair and control a rapidly deteriorating spaceship. Unique orders appear on each device relevant to other players’ control panels. Players must then verbally communicate these orders to crewmates who can complete the task in order to progress.

In this session, you will explore the importance of providing clear, task-specific instructions in fast-paced, chaotic operational situations. Spaceteam emphasizes working towards small goals and thinking rapidly. Using group exercises, the game simulates communication challenges on a cross-functional team in a high-pressure environment. It’s a great jumping-off point for discussions about workplace communication, interdependency, team-building, trust, leadership roles, maximizing productivity, and prioritizing in high-pressure environments.

Novice and intermediate designers, project managers, managers, and directors.

JD Dillon

Chief Learning Architect


JD Dillon became a learning and enablement expert over two decades working in operations and talent development with dynamic organizations including Disney, Kaplan, and AMC. A respected author and speaker in the workplace learning community, JD continues to apply his passion for helping people around the world do their best work every day in his role as Axonify's chief learning architect. JD is also the founder of LearnGeek, a workplace learning insights and advisory group.

Matt Smith


Pure Learning

Matt Smith is the CEO of Pure Learning. With a strong background in instructional design and experience in consulting on learning strategy, his role at Pure Learning is to guide the company’s vision to enhance the quality of workplace learning in Australia.

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