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714 Strategies for Creating Single-Source, Multipurpose Learning Content

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Wednesday, June 21

Management and Strategy

Marina 5

New for FocusOn this year! This is a popular session being offered twice. It's also available as session 904.

In the past, the self-paced content created by L&D often took the form of eLearning courses. But there’s a growing recognition that more learning takes place outside an organization’s LMS than in it. As a result, learning content—and the time and effort that goes into it—needs to be more flexible in order to be effective as it performs the critical role of supporting both formal and informal learning.

In this session, you’ll focus on how to design and create content for use on any device, no matter where your audience is. This approach allows you to provide content in the manner your audience needs it most—whether they need formal learning, such as courses in your LMS, or informal learning opportunities like performance support, job aids, or knowledge bases. You’ll review instructional design processes to guide you through planning for single-source, multipurpose content, as well as development strategies to ensure that people can find and use this content no matter what device they use.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About strategies that can help you evaluate what your audience really needs in order to carry out their roles
  • About instructional design approaches to help you plan for single-source, multipurpose content to meet these needs
  • Strategies to develop and deliver this content
  • How to kick-start a learning and development process in your organization that supports single-source, multipurpose content creation

Novice to intermediate designers, developers, and managers.

Technology discussed in this session:
Numerous mobile devices.

Chris Van Wingerden

Sr VP Learning Solutions

dominKnow Learning Systems

Chris Van Wingerden is Sr. VP Learning Solutions at dominKnow Learning Systems, where he leads dominKnow's content and its training and client success teams. In his almost 20 years with dominKnow, Chris has helped create hundreds of hours of online learning programs, from traditional eLearning courses to immersive game-based designs, as well as working in responsive design projects to meet mobile device needs. Chris is also co-host of the popular weekly live video session and podcast, Instructional Designers in Offices Drinking Coffee (#IDIODC). Chris has a BA in adult education and a BA in English literature.

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