Sharing What Works

March 22 – 24, 2017 Orlando, FL

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Keynotes at Learning Solutions 2017

This year features three inspiring keynotes exploring the expanded view on what works for learning. The conference starts with Tim Gunn discussing how we learn not just through training but through life, continues with Glen Keane exploring how technology can shift our views on creativity and art, and concludes with Julia Galef examining the mindset needed to foster continuous learning.

A Natty Approach to Learning and Education

Tim Gunn

Host, Project Runway

Wednesday, March 22, 8:30a

In this keynote session, the iconic Tim Gunn will share practical tips he has learned in his lifetime of education and learning experiences, exploring themes like truth-telling, empathy, asking, cheerleading … and hoping for the best. Read more…

Harnessing Creativity in a Time of Technological Change

Glen Keane

Animator and Disney Legend, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Thursday, March 23, 8:30a

The hand-drawn animation of the past has been almost completely replaced by computers. In this keynote session, Disney Legend Glen Keane will share how he embraced these changes, rather than resisting them, and how he used technological change to enhance his creativity. Read more…

Embracing the Mindset of Continuous Learning

Julia Galef

President, Center for Applied Rationality

Friday, March 24, 11:15a

Are you a soldier, prone to defending your viewpoint at all costs—or a scout, spurred by curiosity? In this closing keynote, Julia Galef examines the motivations behind these two mindsets and how they shape the way you interpret information. Read more…