Best of Realities360Smart User Experience Design for VR and AR Learning Experiences

Wednesday, March 13, 2019 | 10:00 to 11:00 AM Pacific Time

This webinar showcases one of the best-rated, most popular sessions, speakers, or topics from 2018 Realities360, now available to all through this special online presentation.

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As technology delivers content directly into the hectic world of target audiences, user experience designers are faced with the challenge of presenting information that is disruptive and helpful all at once. With AR and VR, the UX is unique in that the designer builds the context on a screenless platform with nonlinear content. Attendees of this session will see proven methods and innovative examples of smart UX design for AR/VR.

In this session, you will analyze how to prioritize the ACT connection (audience, context, and technology) for effective user experience in AR/VR use cases. This includes practicing audience empathy, understanding user reaction to new technology, and evaluating contextual requirements and technology opportunities and limitations. You will have the opportunity to explore the new UX challenges of 360-degree context, screenless interfaces, new interaction standards, gesture input, and interactivity with the surrounding world (AR) or a newly created world (VR). Finally, you will evaluate actual use cases of AR and VR training successes and failures as delivered by industry leaders.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to know and understand target users by using audience empathy practices
  • How to meet user reluctance or pushback to new technology and ways of learning
  • What types of use cases and environments are best suited for AR and VR delivery
  • About new styles and approaches for human interaction in a screenless context
  • About design components in VR such as head tracking, acceleration, reticles, scale, audio, and more

Scott McCormick
Emergent Enterprise

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