GS03 KEYNOTE: How Augmented Reality Is Driving Enterprise Transformation

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Wednesday, June 27

Imperial Ballroom

The past couple of years have been exciting, frustrating, and inspiring for augmented reality developers. On the one hand, a record number of investments have been plowed into AR, and announcements continue to come from the giants—e.g., Facebook and Google—around mobile-enabling AR. On the other hand, we have yet to see the killer apps that will drive consumer use of AR into the mainstream. The one area that has continued to demonstrate great potential and signs of clear ROI via AR is within the enterprise. In this keynote, we’ll explore that world with one of the leaders in the space—Rika Nakazawa of Atheer. We’ll examine the pilots that have been launched across the landscape and the perspectives on the key challenges, and determine when and how the AR traction in enterprise will really take hold. Along the journey, we’ll discover why AR in enterprise isn’t just a step change in technology disruption, but the early days of what will be a profound and unprecedented workforce transformation.

Rika Nakazawa

Vice-President of Strategy and Partnerships


Rika Nakazawa is the vice-president of strategy and partnerships at Atheer. Ms. Nakazawa, a technology industry veteran and advisor to ventures in the extended reality (VR/AR) ecosystem, forges go-to-market programs with technology, OEM/ODM, and solution integration partners that build and deliver the best-of-class solutions. Having held executive strategy and business development positions at hardware, software, and services enterprises globally—from NVIDIA and AMEX to Accenture and Sony— she embraces the opportunity we have to shape the next 50 years of computing, and the way we move from interfacing to integrating with all things digital. Ms. Nakazawa strives to illuminate how to drive leading experiences where the human, digital, and physical intersect, and how we can re-invent ways people come together to create, consume, and celebrate the digital experiences that constitute life as we know it, feel it, see it, and immerse in it.

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