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March 16 – 18, 2016 Orlando, FL

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P11 xAPI Camp

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM Tuesday, March 15


xAPI Camp is a one-day pre-conference experience at Learning Solutions that showcases what’s possible with the xAPI. It is a day filled with case studies, problem solving, and networking. You’ll be connected to answers you can act on and a community that will help you make an impact.

Case Studies That Inspire and Make Sense
You’ll leave with answers to “How can the xAPI help me?” You’ll explore curated examples of real-world applications of the xAPI. The tough challenges shared in this one-day camp will inspire your own entrepreneurial thinking. You’ll learn about what organizations build and buy that tap into the potential of the xAPI.

Ideas That Tackle Your Toughest Challenges
Speakers, facilitators, and peers will help with your learning or performance challenges. Between presentations packed with great ideas you’ll work in small groups to get answers and start smart.

Solutions You Can Play With
No matter what challenges you bring to camp, you’ll go back to the office knowing xAPI solutions that can make an impact. Everyone’s bringing projects they’re working on; many will share the solutions they’ve come up with—things you can build or buy. Just like you, everyone will honestly discuss the problems they’re solving and what it takes to make a change.

Community That Keeps You Connected
We’re all new at this, so learning doesn’t end when the day is over. xAPI Camp is part of a community of developing practice. You’ll be able to keep in touch with the people you meet. Through the online community you can share what you’re learning with peers, and as you learn from experience you can give back to the community by sharing your insights. We can help each other make a difference in our work.

Aaron Silvers

Manager, Analytics


Aaron E. Silvers helps teams achieve real-world outcomes with analytics strategies for high compliance, high accountability concerns. A common theme throughout his 20+ year career is an optimistic embrace of talent, emerging technology, and entrepreneurialism that charts learning & development paths towards measurable outcomes that scale.

Megan Bowe

Partner—Data Strategy


Megan Bowe, a partner in MakingBetter, is a learning technology product manager turned standards evangelist and data strategist. Championing data-driven design, Megan works on projects that require a bigger lens to bring learning, portability of data, and formative analysis into focus. At MakingBetter, Megan helps people design reporting, data strategy, and products. At Knewton, Megan managed APIs and integration strategies, bringing adaptivity into various learning applications. At Rustici Software, Megan helped to launch the Experience API. Megan is a founding member on the board of directors for the Data Interoperability Standards Consortium.

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