305 The Workforce Uprising: Training for the New (Virtual) Reality

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Wednesday, July 26


Eight out of 10 college graduates expect to receive formal training from their first employer. The training industry has struggled to satisfy this need—partly due to a lack of affordable and appropriate media, and partly due to training programs that ultimately lack engagement. With 24/7 availability of on-demand, high-quality media, the digital workforce is becoming even more disengaged from these outdated training solutions. Fortunately, the recent growth of virtual reality and of media and graphics has made top-shelf multimedia technologies more affordable and accessible to trainers. There’s now an opportunity to create training solutions that can compete with today’s entertainment media, making training much more engaging and effective.

In this session, you will examine the growing need and opportunity for cutting-edge media technologies like game- and VR-based experiences. You will explore how VR technology has drastically scaled down in size and cost, and learn about the immediate opportunities for the training industry to incorporate game- and simulation-based training. You will analyze the transformation of legacy content into these new interactive, emotional experiences through the lens of instructional design and collaboration with subject matter experts. You will leave the session with a thorough understanding of appropriate technology for game- and simulation-based training, from screen-based simulations all the way to immersive VR solutions.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to assess appropriate implementation of eLearning technologies (computer-based, games and sim, or VR/AR) for training
  • About time and cost considerations associated with these new technologies
  • How to prioritize learning objectives over graphical gimmicks when using VR

Sid Banerjee



Siddharth Banerjee, the CEO of Indusgeeks, is an entrepreneur and thought leader in the field of applied gaming and virtual reality. Sid’s pioneering work has positioned Indusgeeks among the world leaders in game-based and virtual reality training. The company has received multiple awards and was most recently honored with a Brandon Hall Gold Award for best use of games and simulations for learning. Sid is a founding board member of NASSCOM’s Applied Gaming Special Interest Group (SIG), working with governments and the gaming industry worldwide to formulate key policies transforming the applied gaming ecosystem.

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