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March 22 – 24, 2017 Orlando, FL

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LS303 How to Motivate Customers to Complete Training

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Wednesday, March 22

Instructional Design

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In the customer training world, L&D professionals often have difficulty convincing their customers to complete coursework. This audience consists of busy professionals who increasingly want training they can take at their own pace, on their own time. While in theory this approach has benefits for both companies and customers, in practice there can be real challenges in trying to convince customers to prioritize this non-mandatory training over their other pressing work tasks and deadlines.

In this session, you’ll learn techniques to overcome the barriers associated with non-mandatory training and motivate your customers to make taking your courses a priority. You’ll explore the strategies and tactics behind using incentives to encourage people to complete training and understand the different stakeholders who need to get involved in order to make them happen. You’ll also learn how to use data to assess the effectiveness of your incentives so you can adjust your approach when necessary.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About specific incentives that can encourage completion of non-mandatory training
  • Techniques for implementing incentives across different organizations
  • How to use data to evaluate incentives
  • About the pros and cons of using gamification as an incentive for completing coursework

Novice to intermediate designers, managers, and directors.

Technology discussed in this session:
Learning management system (LMS) and gamification software.

Linda Schwaber-Cohen

Head of Training


Linda Schwaber is head of training at Skilljar. Her expertise lies in building and growing onboarding and training programs at software startups. After teaching for several years in K-12 and university settings, she shifted gears and began to develop programs to help customers adopt and see the value in B2B software purchases. Prior to joining Skilljar, a Seattle-based customer onboarding and training platform, Linda managed customer onboarding and enablement at Simply Measured, a social media analytics SaaS company.

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