Sharing What Works

March 16 – 18, 2016 Orlando, FL

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MX203 Training from Anywhere

12:00 PM - 12:45 PM Thursday, March 17

Management Xchange Stage

As an organization, AdaptiveU has embraced the concept of “anywhere works,” encouraging employees to work from anywhere. This radical change gave rise to an inevitable consequence: training a scattered workforce. Thus, the need for creative solutions that don’t compromise on functionality and performance. After an in-house experiment and with continual improvement, AdaptiveU has been able to change the way its teams learn and grow. Join AdaptiveU on its journey to make learning and development fun and engaging. You will gain insights applicable to your learning environments, especially if you are open to training and learning from “anywhere.”

Saranya Somukannan

Product owner


Saranya Somukannan, the product owner of AdaptiveU, has over six years of field experience in the domain of software engineering and two years heading creative engineers at AdaptiveU. She is one of the founding members of AdaptiveU, which provides learning solutions for enterprises. With a deep interest in the field of digital learning, Saranya is keen to redefine conventions in the field of digital learning. She is a learning advocate, a creative decision maker, and an active programmer.

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