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March 22 – 24, 2017 Orlando, FL

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Learning Solutions 2017 Advisory Group

The Learning Solutions Advisory Group has been a valued partner in building this year’s conference. We thank each of the board members for their contributions to this year’s event.

Diane Elkins

President, Artisan E-Learning

Diane Elkins leads Artisan E-Learning, a custom eLearning development company specializing in the use of rapid-development tools. Diane has been in the eLearning industry since 2001, speaks regularly at national conferences about eLearning, and is co-author of the popular E-Learning Uncovered book series.

Steve Foreman

President, InfoMedia Designs

Steve Foreman is President of InfoMedia Designs, a provider of eLearning infrastructure consulting services and technology solutions to Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, and government agencies. Since establishing his consulting practice in 1983, Steve has spent 30+ years working with forward-looking companies to find new and effective ways to apply computer technology to support human performance. His work includes enterprise learning strategy, LMS selection and implementation, learning-technology architecture and integration, expert-knowledge harvesting, knowledge management, and innovative performance-support solutions that blend working and learning.

Jean Marrapodi

Senior eLearning Designer, Illumina Interactive

Jean Marrapodi is a senior eLearning designer at Illumina Interactive. She is a certified professional in learning and performance (CPLP, ATD’s highest credential) with a PhD in adult education and a master’s degree in online instructional design. With 16 years in corporate training, then five years in higher education, Jean understands trends and needs in a variety of industries and is a nationally known conference speaker. She led a team that won the 2014 Silver Brandon Hall Award for Best Learning Team and, in the same year, the United States Distance Learning Association’s Best Learning Program. The eLearning Guild named Jean a Guild Master in 2016.

Thomas Spiglanin

Senior Project Leader, The Aerospace Corporation

Thomas Spiglanin is a senior project leader with the Aerospace Corporation. For almost 20 years, Tom has developed learning strategies, educational products, and learning interventions for the Aerospace Corporation. His current emphasis is expanding workplace learning through technology, particularly using short-form, or microlearning, video. Thomas holds a PhD from Wesleyan University and a BS from the University of California–Riverside.