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James Kingsley

Senior Director Product Development

ELB Learning

James Kingsley, with a rich tenure of over 15 years in the eLearning domain, has always had a penchant for morphing tools and applications to achieve beyond their initial capacity. His recent venture, MicroBuilder, is a testament to his innovative prowess. Developed at ELB Learning, MicroBuilder is conceived to equip eLearning developers with a streamlined pathway to craft MicroLearning modules. His expertise stretches across a wide technical spectrum including Node.js, Vue, Mongo, with particular adeptness in integrating APIs, xAPI, SCORM, and extending the capabilities of existing tools. Besides being a seasoned coder, James has an eye for identifying and molding viable eLearning solutions, making significant strides in web, mobile, and desktop-specific realms. His relentless pursuit of refining and evolving eLearning solutions continues to mark a substantial footprint in the industry.