T205 The Fastest Path to Performance Support?

2:00 PM - 2:45 PM Thursday, June 9

Expo Hall: Tools & Tech Stage

What if you could make any of your current learning or training content into embedded performance support without making any changes to it? This session will demonstrate how any of your current learning or training content can be made contextually available in your enterprise applications as embedded performance support. You’ll see how using content that already exists, and making that available at a user’s moment of need, is simple and the fastest path to performance support.

Mark Tomkins

Chief Executive Officer

Epsilon Software

Mark Tomkins is the chief executive officer at Epsilon Software. Since 2009, when the company was founded, Mark has provided leadership and strategic direction for the design and development of its software products, together with managing the company’s direction, sales, and marketing efforts. Under his leadership, Epsilon Software applications have been developed, brought to market, and implemented in some of the largest organizations. Mark has worked in the software industry for over 20 years—11 years owning his own companies—and brings long experience in selling and implementing software solutions that deliver real business ROI.

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