T103 Microlearning—the Good, the Bad, and the Mobile

12:00 PM - 12:45 PM Wednesday, June 8

Expo Hall: Tools & Tech Stage

Is microlearning the answer to all of your learning problems? What, really, is microlearning? Should you or shouldn’t you use it? How should you develop it? Do you need to create videos for everything? This session will try to answer all of these questions, and more, while showcasing some successful applications of microlearning.

Monica Savage


Obsidian Learning

Monica Savage is the president of Obsidian Learning. Her 16 years of experience in variety of industries have given her a structured yet flexible approach to efficient organization and successful management of complex processes and organizations. Her master’s degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering add depth to many of Obsidian’s scientific and technical projects. Her straightforward, collaborative approach to communication—both internally and with customers—and her creative problem solving abilities have been fundamental to Obsidian’s delivery of out-of-the box ideas and projects on time and on budget.

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