S202 Taxonomy and Metadata: The Cornerstones of Video Content Management

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM Thursday, June 9

Expo Hall: Strategic Solutions Stage

The expansion of video assets in corporate learning ecosystems has created a tremendous opportunity for self-directed learning. Preparing a video asset with classifications and rich metadata is critical for finding and sharing great content. In this session, we’ll review the definitions of taxonomy and metadata for video asset management and the steps for injecting metadata into each video. In addition, we’ll examine how video analytics can be used for reporting.

Josh Cavalier

Learning Architect - Digital Solutions

American Tire Distributors

Josh is a 25-year veteran of consulting learning and performance organizations on the creation of engaging training content. He is currently a learning architect at American Tire Distributors and oversees the performance of advanced analytics, business intelligence, and eCommerce system tools. Josh is passionate about sharing his knowledge and is on a mission is to coach everyone on the secrets of creating enduring instructional videos. Josh has been called a "Computer Ace"" by People magazine. You can find him online at JoshCavalier.com.

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