S102 From Rock to Rock Star: Jumpstart New-hire Performance

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM Wednesday, June 8

Expo Hall: Strategic Solutions Stage

This session will reveal a measurable, repeatable, and scalable performance support process by which you can efficiently amplify the knowledge of your company’s experts and confidently shorten time to qualification for all your new performers. We will show how the method links to theory, present research data to underscore the need, demonstrate the process, provide examples of the system in use, and run a short workshop to extract new value from your learning ecosystem. Four case studies will also be discussed, showing the method in use with the US Coast Guard, Circuit City, AVAD, and Invaluable.

Edward Beale

Chief of Training

N Plus One Group

Edward Beale is the chief of training for the N Plus One Group, as well as an author focused on human performance, hospitality, and travel. He lectures regularly about his experience crafting deliberate and positive culture. Ed helps small businesses (with few resources for building talent) to implement simple performance tools and get results. He is a retired US Coast Guard commander.

Bill Parry

Senior Sales Trainer

Invaluable, Inc.

Bill Parry is a senior sales trainer at Invaluable. He is a professional learning leader with over 20 years of military and corporate experience developing and delivering training programs for entertainment and technology sector heavyweights, including Monster Cable, Lucent, Nextel, Guitar Center, Comcast, AVAD, Ingram Micro, and Invaluable.

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