512 Stop the Flow of Inaccessible and Out-of-date Information

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM Thursday, June 9



With more companies taking advantage of satellite offices and field employees, recognizing the differences in their needs from on-site teams is crucial. Their physical distance from training and marketing teams means they can’t easily access key information, and when they can, it’s often out-of-date. The result? A potentially negative impact on your relationships with top channel partners.

Don’t leave field employees to fend for themselves in the content wilderness—empower them to overperform by:

  • Enabling desktop and mobile access to the business-critical information
  • Ensuring the most up-to-date content is available, online or offline
  • Reducing risk of misinformation to employees and partners

Nolan Myers

VP, Strategy


Nolan Myers, the VP of strategy for Inkling, has built a career on finding innovative ways to leverage technology for business results. At Inkling, he led product development to build the Habitat authoring platform, scaled content operations to produce thousands of titles, built the company's partnership program, and led client services to help customers design and implement their digital strategies for interactive content. As head of strategy, Nolan brings his insights to help key customers and partners and help Inkling realize its vision to make the world a smarter place through knowledge that matters.

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