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Priyank Shrivastava

Director of Product Marketing

Adobe Systems

Priyank Shrivastava, the director of product marketing at Adobe Systems, is responsible for strategy and direction of Adobe’s marketing efforts across eLearning and web application product lines. Priyank overseas various global marketing functions including product, field, and search marketing. In addition, he also runs the product evangelism function for the said product lines, where the primary goal is to be the voice of customer and voice of the product. He joined Adobe in November of 2008 and has since managed the brand and demand for eLearning and web application products. Previously, Priyank spent couple of years at Subex, where as a director of product marketing he ran the product marketing function and led multiple successful product launches. Prior to Subex, Priyank worked at LG Electronics, where he was responsible for overseas sales and marketing for TV. He also held various positions at Alstom Ltd from 1997 to 2004.