INN105 From Onboarding to Long-term L&D: Data Masking, Training Maintenance, Localization, and More

2:15 PM - 3:00 PM Wednesday, November 16

Expo Hall—Innovation Showcase Stage

This interactive presentation will feature Bob, who leads two lives. Bob is a new hire who recently completed onboarding. At other times, Bob is an L&D employee who designs training for evolving IT applications. His day includes data masking, content creation, maintenance, and localization of courseware. Gain insight on how to overcome Bob’s daily challenges, including significant time-saving methods for developing, maintaining, deploying, and tracking eLearning, ILT, and ongoing performance support. Learn about in-application assistance, as well as innovative cloning technology that eliminates the need for training environments with single capture content generation, all while reducing data breach risk.

Steve Rossi

Client Partner


Steve Rossi, a client partner at Assima, has more than 20 years of IT integration and software development experience. After receiving his BA in economics from Syracuse University, he spent 12 years in Silicon Valley, where he gained operational insight into some of the best-known companies in the world. His day-to-day involved managing strategic technology relationships with Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Intel, among others. As an Assima client partner, Steve focuses on leveraging innovative technology that increases end-user performance and streamlines both IT’s and L&D’s training processes. Understanding how to align business objectives with those of L&D is one of his specialties.

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