MXC101 Measuring Impacts of Learning Performance Across the Organization

10:00 AM - 10:45 AM Wednesday, November 16

LMS reporting and learning analytics are often seen as tasks performed by LMS administrators, trainers, and instructors—tactical tools and methods used only to illustrate the performance and outcomes of training and blended learning programs. Increasingly, however, organizations are using learning data to show how improved learning performance impacts corporate performance at the highest level. Today, any LMS should be able to quantify the cost savings and resource efficiencies—KPIs for which everyone on the management team is held accountable. In this session, learn how reporting and analytics can demonstrate the value of your learning program to the entire organization.

Ben Young

Director of Learning Solutions

Lambda Solutions

Ben Young is a director of learning solutions at Lambda Solutions. He is an eLearning and learning management system (LMS) expert, having worked with organizations in almost every possible industry sector for the past decade on solution implementations. Ben provides clients strategic planning, course creation, and learning performance management strategies that support both learner engagement and business outcomes. Ben actively researches and tests emerging technologies, bringing the best features and functions to Lambda clients and providing ongoing training and leadership to the eLearning community, in person and via online webinars.

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