INN202 Getting Started with Design Thinking

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM Thursday, November 17

Expo Hall—Innovation Showcase Stage

Design thinking—a prototype-driven, human-centered innovation process—can aid in the creation of experiences for the “real world” in a variety of form factors. It can help you develop emotional connections with your intended audience while you imagine new solutions and create user-centered prototypes for hands-on, high-energy design challenges. Sound exciting?

In this session, you will explore implementation of the design thinking process and learn about several best practices currently used in business as well as in education. You will learn about the seven stages of design thinking—define, research, ideate, prototype, choose, implement, and learn—and create user-centered prototypes for hands-on, high-energy design challenges. Learn how to design learning opportunities and thinking around real-world problems and solutions. Appreciate how the design thinking process applies to your personal innovative strategy and to solving problems within your organization.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About the seven stages of design thinking
  • From three case studies of design thinking applied in the real world
  • How to create prototypes for hands-on, high-energy, time-based design challenges
  • How to move from design thinking to design actions

Novice designers and project managers.

Laurie Burruss

Education Innovation Advisor

Laurie Burruss is an education innovation advisor at, where she has advocated for academic initiatives, supported teaching and learning, and provided integration and implementation solutions since 2009. Laurie is also a professor emeritus at Pasadena City College in California; before working at, she served for 22 years as a professor in interaction design and as the director of the college’s digital media program, providing a regional resource for collaboration between education, industry, and the community. Her passion is digital storytelling.

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