MXC106 Navigating the Complexities of Your Learning Ecosystem

3:15 PM - 4:00 PM Wednesday, November 16

Expo Hall—Management Exchange Stage

Learning professionals often are not presented with the ideal infrastructure to make sure they get the right learning to the right people in the right format and, most importantly, at the right time. Companies are also moving at lightning speed, which means the need to navigate not only existing, but evolving, learning infrastructures is critical for the success of your programs and your people.

In this session, you’ll take a look at high-level strategies for identifying what tools and systems are already in place at your company (such as wikis, LMSs, house-built tools, and resources) and discuss best practices for leveraging the right tools at the right time for the right audience. This session will challenge the notion that there are systems out there that “do everything,” or that one LMS will solve all of your problems. Instead, you’ll discover how a true learning ecosystem needs to complement the complexities of how people learn and develop themselves.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why no learning ecosystem is perfect
  • Who the unsung heroes of your learning ecosystem are
  • How to leverage the right systems for the right audience and the right initiative
  • How to navigate the complexities and imperfection of your existing learning ecosystem
  • What a real-life example of a successful learning ecosystem looks like

Novice and intermediate designers, managers, directors, and senior leaders (VP, CLO, executive, etc.).

Technology discussed in this session:
Twitter, LMS (Saba Cloud), social learning and curation tools (Pathgather), ILT scheduler, internal wiki (Confluence), and WordPress.

Julian Napolitan

Learning Design + Technology Consultant


Julian Napolitan, a learning design and technology consultant at Twitter, is part of the company’s People Experience Design team, where he focuses on designing and delivering small-scale behavioral interventions that directly pertain to the employee experience at Twitter. Prior to this, he worked as a senior instructional designer in the learning group at PlayStation’s San Diego offices, where he spent several years building and scaling learning solutions and learning infrastructure for its global IT organization. During Julian’s time in graduate school, he worked with the SDSU Research Foundation to design and roll out mobile learning programs for middle- and high-school students.

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