STR105 Expand Your Authoring Experience for SMEs

2:15 PM - 3:00 PM Wednesday, November 16

Expo Hall—Strategic Solutions Stage

Learning content management system (LCMS) ROI is realized over time as both the number of people managing content and the amount of content grow. These are the benefits of single sourcing, multi-modal outputs, and maintenance of content. This is easier for a trained instructional designer to understand. This session covers expanding the LCMS-based approach to a larger group by providing a more visual page-based UI for quickly creating eLearning delivered by the LCMS. This allows all users to find and reuse existing media and content and publish eLearning quickly without becoming an expert in the concepts of object-oriented content development.

Dawn Jaglowski

Offering Manager


Dawn Jaglowski is an offering manager within the IBM Smarter Workforce Learn group. Her responsibilities focus around defining a comprehensive strategy across the Learn offerings. Dawn has worked in software development for the majority of her career across multiple functions such as architecture, engineering, quality assurance, and technical sales support, with over 15 years of that experience within the offering/product management domain. Dawn has an undergraduate degree from the University of Central Florida and an MBA from Rollins College. Her background also includes creating and delivering learning content as an instructor in both corporate and higher education environments.

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