215 BYOL: Captivate Can Do More than You Think—Leveraging JavaScript with Captivate

1:15 PM - 2:15 PM Wednesday, November 16



Captivate’s built-in features can do a lot, but sometimes your project just needs to do more. By using JavaScript, you can extend Captivate and leverage the broader capabilities of HTML5 and other web technologies. This approach makes it possible for designers and web developers to collaborate to produce projects that can communicate with systems outside of an LMS, or to create individual multimedia components that communicate with one another.

In this session, you will learn the specific steps you need to start building more sophisticated projects with Captivate. Working from sample files based on a case study, this session will show you how to use JavaScript to save and retrieve data, read in XML, control elements on the webpage, and more. At the end of this session, you will have a working example of a project that will allow the Captivate asset to communicate with the webpage.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to extend Captivate advanced actions by integrating JavaScript
  • How to access externalized JavaScript code from within Captivate
  • How to use HTML5 features, like local storage, with Captivate
  • How to use JavaScript to integrate Captivate with its containing webpage
  • How to use JavaScript to share data across Captivate files

Novice to advanced designers and developers.

Technology discussed in this session:
Captivate, JavaScript, XML, and HTML5.

Technology required:
Laptop running Adobe Captivate 9 (a licensed copy or a 30-day trial version) and Dreamweaver or a similar text editor.

Mark Kutz

Senior Instructional Designer

PLS 3rd Learning

Mark Kutz is an eLearning developer at PLS 3rd Learning with over 20 years of experience. After working as an engineer and part-time photographer, Mark earned a master’s degree in educational technology, motivated by a desire to combine his interests to work in multimedia and contribute to the field of education. Mark’s background in engineering and experience in the software development industry make him well suited for the development end of things, with a focus on web development and programming, multimedia development, LMS integration, and process and workflow.

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