STR203 Unlocking the Value of Your Organization’s Content via Digital and Learning Transformation

12:15 PM - 1:00 PM Thursday, November 17

Expo Hall—Strategic Solutions Stage

Over the past 15 years, organizations have accumulated massive amounts of digital content in the form of common document types, such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint formats. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of this content is sitting on servers, undiscoverable, and in some cases irrelevant due to outdated branding, the inclusion of discontinued product and services descriptions, or the exclusion of current and critical information. This session will examine how to breathe life back into your organization’s digital content with a strategic digital transformation, and how to make it more relevant and impactful than ever by implementing a learning transformation strategy.

Bryan Eldridge

North American Director of Professional Services

eXact learning solutions

Bryan Eldridge, North American director of professional services for eXact learning solutions, is responsible for assisting clients in developing new strategies and skill sets for digital and learning transformation across every phase of the employee life cycle. Bryan, an MEd, has more than 25 years of experience in the design, development, implementation, evaluation, and management of educational and training solutions across a broad spectrum of cultural and contextual environments. In addition to his nearly 10-year relationship with eXact, Bryan has worked for several of the major players in learning technology in a variety of roles, ranging from product development to sales enablement.

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