309 Creativity and eLearning Go Hand in Hand

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Wednesday, November 16

Instructional Design


The corporate eLearning development world may not always seem creative from the outside, but successful eLearning teams use creativity in every project they design and develop. But how, specifically, can this skill contribute to successful eLearning? What kinds of creativity should be part of your eLearning workflow? What benefits does creativity provide to your development process? How can you explain to your stakeholders that increased creativity contributes to business-focused learning objectives?

In this session, you will discover what kinds of creativity are part of a typical eLearning workflow and how you can use them to your advantage. You’ll also find out more about how creativity improves every aspect of eLearning projects for everyone involved—designers, developers, stakeholders, and even participants.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About two specific areas of creativity that are integral to successful eLearning
  • How creativity can be used to solve functional skill issues
  • Ways to explain how creativity contributes to business objectives
  • About tools that can facilitate creativity in eLearning development

Novice to advanced designers, developers, and managers.

Technology discussed in this session:
Adobe CC suite, iPad/tablet drawing and sketching tools, brainstorming software, and online creative gallery sites like Behance.

Kirsten Rourke

CEO | Learning Architect

Rourke Training

Kirsten Rourke, the CEO of Rourke Training, has been a learning and development trainer and consultant for over two decades. She is an eLearning developer, public speaker, and certified technical trainer who works with a large eLearning development team. Kirsten speaks publicly and conducts training on eLearning development, Captivate, and Adobe Creative Cloud products at seminars across the country.

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