405 Measure the Impact of Learning in Your Organization

3:15 PM - 4:15 PM Monday, September 28

How do we really know whether the training we develop is having a significant impact on the success of the organizations that we support? Is it possible to build and maintain a learning culture? Can we sponsor engaging learning that is convenient, easy-to-use, and powerful enough to provide meaningful insight for leadership? The answers to these questions might surprise you. Learn all about an all-new LMS from Adobe during this fun-filled exploration of Adobe’s latest eLearning solution.

Allen Partridge

Head, Digital Learning Evangelism

Adobe Systems

Dr. Allen Partridge is a learning addict with a rebellious spirit and a passion for evidence-based reasoning. Allen served on the doctoral faculties of The University of Georgia and Indiana University of Pennsylvania before joining Adobe in 2007. As Adobe's Head of Evangelism, Digital Learning Solutions, he provides guidance by relating customer experiences and challenges to the product and engineering teams that create Captivate, Presenter Video Express (PVX), and Adobe's extraordinary new learning management system, Adobe Captivate Prime. Allen is well recognized for his videos and presentations to audiences around the world. He has published a host of articles and a handful of books on topics ranging from critical thinking for business training to 3D online game development.

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