402 Community Has Its Privileges

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM Thursday, October 1



So often, in our day-to-day professional existence, we are bombarded with problems, tasks, and situations that require our attention, all the while neglecting the problem solver—that’s you and me. We seldom recharge our professional batteries and, as such, burn out or become uninspired. We’ve become professional hermits, to an extent, and need an outlet to help us maintain our spark, drive, and creativity.

Through a personal account you will learn the true meaning, nature, and purpose of professional affiliation. This story will illustrate the rich benefits of being a member of a professional organization. In the session you will collaborate in small groups to discuss a personal story from a previous conference, or goal from this one, that relates back to one of the five main benefits. This session will reinvigorate you in professional affiliation, you’ll learn the true upsides to taking time out of your schedule to attend and share, and you’ll realize you are not the only ones experiencing the roadblocks.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The common misconceptions centered around professional affiliation, conferences, etc.
  • The true nature of professional organizations and how they can benefit you
  • The central role networking can play, both personally and professionally, for you as a member of a professional organization
  • The role personal development plays in professional growth

Novice to advanced designers, developers, project managers, and managers.

Shawn Rosler

Senior Instructional Designer

Office Practicum

Shawn Rosler has been an instructional designer, project manager, and developer of dynamic, interactive, and highly efficient eLearning and other instruction for over 20 years. He's a frequent contributor to industry-based publications, and he has presented to academic, medical, and corporate audiences on an expansive array of topics. From the basics of adult learning theory to the real-world application of converting instructor-led training to a computer or web base, he is an evangelist for trimming down processes while keeping them effective. 

Chris Carro

EHR Analyst, Computer Based Training Developer

Geisinger Health System

Chris Carro is an EHR analyst and computer-based training developer for Geisinger Health System. His career has weaved through multiple worlds, including the interactive entertainment industry, online education, thermoplastics, and healthcare, and he’s experienced in public relations, project management, SharePoint administration, instructional design, instructor-led training, and computer-based training development. Chris combines these experiences to create training for both clinical and corporate audiences. Chris holds a BA degree in mass communications and a master’s degree in instructional technology.

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