SC103 Retained for Change

12:15 PM - 1:00 PM Wednesday, September 30

Expo Hall: Learning Media Studio Stage

You create training and development content to bring about behavioral change in your learners. But if they don’t remember your message when it’s needed, there will be no change. In our one-to-many world, video is your best tool for retention. But who has the time or budget to elevate all content to video yet? We’ll be discussing when and where to leverage video in your content mix to boost retention of your message. We’ll also introduce Scribology, the science behind creating video that will engage the brain and ensure your message will be retained for change.

Eric Oakland

Chief Innovation Officer


Eric Oakland, the chief innovation officer at TruScribe, is a leading expert in messaging and visualization and is the mind behind TruScribe’s products and brand. After creating the first TruScribe whiteboard videos in 2010, and working with psychologist and author Susan Weinschenk, he created Scribology, a unique method of creating engaging content based on principles of neuroscience and behavior.

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