SE201 Putting the “Pro” Back in Your Review Process

10:00 AM - 10:45 AM Thursday, October 1

Expo Hall: Training Technologies Stage

Ask a group of eLearning developers about the hardest parts of their role, and odds are good that someone will bring up the topic of course reviewers (usually SMEs) and feedback. Managing the feedback process (and sometimes the reviewers!) can be a big challenge for many eLearning practitioners. In this session, I’ll provide tips and resources to help you get organized and communicate more proactively with reviewers.

Trina Rimmer

Sr. Manager of Marketing and Customer Engagement


As senior manager of marketing and customer engagement with Articulate, Trina Rimmer uses her many years of eLearning design and development expertise to nurture and grow the E-Learning Heroes community. Before joining Articulate, she worked as a designer, eLearning developer, and writer focused on delivering engaging, effective learning and performance solutions to various companies, from global aid organizations to Fortune 500s.

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