SD201 CANCELLED: The Road to ROI Goes Through xAPI

10:00 AM - 10:45 AM Thursday, October 1

Expo Hall: Management Xchange Stage

This session will show how an LRS can cater to the L&D need to design learning solutions that better meet learner requirements by analyzing current user trends and business performance data. The bugs in a badly designed course, or the areas where learners have difficulty comprehending content, or a poorly designed assessment ultimately affects business performance and results. An LRS integrated with the LMS can be that “missing link” that can conclusively establish a relationship between learning and business performance and results.

Indresh Chauhan

Associate Vice President

Sify eLearning

Indresh Chauhan, the associate vice president of Sify eLearning, is passionate about helping corporate L&D teams and business leaders get business results faster by using learning solutions that are customized to their unique business, people, and culture.

Sai Sundar

Manager – Mobility Solutions

Sify eLearning

Sai Sunder, the manager of mobility solutions for Sify eLearning, is a technologist at heart. He helps customers to solve difficult business performance problems by leveraging technologies like mobile, 3-D virtual worlds, xAPI, augmented reality, gamification, and other “ahead-of-the-curve” solutions.

Vijayanandraj Ramalingam

Deputy Manager – eLearning Solutions

Sify eLearning

Vijayanandraj Ramalingam is the deputy manager of eLearning solutions for Sify eLearning. Vijay is a doctor by education, but an instructional designer by profession. He combines these two passions to develop learning solutions that solve crucial problems for his customers while addressing learner needs and motivation.

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