617 It Looks So Easy! Successfully Producing Virtual Learning Sessions

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Thursday, October 1

Virtual Classroom


When planning to adopt virtual-classroom platforms for learning sessions, successful organizations need a clear idea of what management, design, delivery, and technical issues to consider.

The eLearning Guild has been successfully producing virtual learning sessions since 2004, and has developed thousands of hours of recorded content. In this session, you will explore the key elements of virtual-session success that the Guild has identified from our decade-plus of experience. You’ll learn how to develop a reliable, repeatable process for producing virtual learning sessions, how to adjust instructional design and delivery techniques for virtual classrooms, and how to make your virtual-classroom platform and related tools work reliably. You’ll also learn how to successfully coach a subject matter expert (SME) and leave with tips on how to best avoid technical issues—all while making everything look easy to the learners.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to effectively manage the production of successful virtual learning sessions, from planning to evaluation
  • The recommended roles for an effective virtual-classroom production team
  • How to design for virtual classrooms rather than face-to-face ones
  • How to determine how much coaching an SME needs to be an effective presenter
  • Tips for avoiding and troubleshooting technical issues before, during, and after virtual sessions

Intermediate and advanced designers, developers, project managers, managers, and directors.

Chris Benz

Director of Online Events

The eLearning Guild

In his almost 30-year career, Chris has been a trainer, instructional designer and developer, conference manager, award-winning writer and author, information designer, DITA consultant, project and department manager, operations director, and sales engineer. Chris is a co-founder of Duke University’s Certificate in Technical Communication program, a Society for Technical Communication (STC) Associate Fellow, and a past member of the STC Board of Directors. In his spare time, Chris likes to camp, canoe, and get in over his head on home-improvement projects.

Melissa Chambers

Online Instructional Specialist

MSC Consulting

Melissa Chambers is an online instructional specialist at MSC Consulting and a contract speaker coach/host for The Learning Guild's Online Forums and Guild Academy. Melissa has over 20 years' experience in creative media production, project and change management, online instructional design, and eLearning strategy development, and has been designing, producing, and coaching for synchronous online programs since 2002. She holds a master's degree in instructional design for online learning, and has spearheaded award-winning programs in eLearning, process improvement, and strategic development. Melissa has a passion for lifelong learning, technology, cultivating creativity, and having fun while working.

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