SD106 Conquering an LMS Rollout: An Intuit Case Study

3:15 PM - 4:00 PM Wednesday, September 30

Expo Hall: Management Xchange Stage

An LMS rollout is a daunting and potentially risky ordeal, and more than ever eLearning needs to be mobile, global, and social ready. Learn best practices from a recent global rollout so your organization can be well prepared. Explore lessons learned around LMS implementation, data migration, branding, and custom eLearning development. Explore the user-centered design approach to delight your users, as well as how to enable your eLearning content to be mobile, global, and social ready.

Syed Ali

Sr. Global Learning Manager


Syed Ali is a global learning experience manager at Intuit. He has been working in the consulting and professional services field for more than 12 years, and with L&D specifically for 10 years. At Intuit, he is responsible for the global delivery of training and certification programs to help drive customer engagement and confidence. Syed is also responsible for creating a learning experience for customers that increases their brand loyalty, confidence of use, and product recommendations. He also has experience leveraging learning technology to provide users with a cross-platform mobile, global, and social learning experience.

Majid Tahir



Majid Tahir, the founder of Acumenity, has been working in the consulting and professional services field for over 10 years, specifically in the area of building high-end user experiences. In 2007, Majid founded Acumenity, a user-experience agency dedicated to bringing eLearning to the next level by designing and developing rich mobile and global-ready solutions for large and small organizations. At Acumenity Majid has helped numerous teams and organizations roll out exciting new eLearning content and complex learning management system (LMS) implementations.

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