302 Level Up Your eLearning with Game Elements

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Wednesday, September 30

Games and Gamification


If you’re in the world of eLearning, it goes without saying that you’ve probably heard the term gamification thrown around quite a bit. But what does it mean for your eLearning projects? Is it as simple as leaderboards and badges? Fundamentally, gamification is about applying game elements and gaming techniques to otherwise static content, with the intention of making that content a little more fun, engaging, and impactful. These days, designing game elements and applying gaming techniques to eLearning content doesn’t have to require a lengthy design and development timeline, nor the use of complex programming tools.

In this interactive session you will learn how to apply simple game elements and gaming techniques to your eLearning using Storyline 2. We’ll walk through the use of some of Storyline’s most powerful features, including variables, triggers, states, animation, and sliders to add some simple, game-like interactions to your eLearning.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The difference between games and gamification
  • How to identify the right content for a game
  • Best practices for planning your game interactions before you build
  • How to use variables, triggers, states, animation, and sliders in Storyline 2

Intermediate and advanced designers and developers.

Technology discussed in this session:
Articulate Storyline 2.

Trina Rimmer

Sr. Manager of Marketing and Customer Engagement


As senior manager of marketing and customer engagement with Articulate, Trina Rimmer uses her many years of eLearning design and development expertise to nurture and grow the E-Learning Heroes community. Before joining Articulate, she worked as a designer, eLearning developer, and writer focused on delivering engaging, effective learning and performance solutions to various companies, from global aid organizations to Fortune 500s.

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