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602 Building Online Training to Promote Learning Transfer and Behavior Change

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Thursday, October 30

Instructional Design

Renoir 1 & 2

The two goals of any eLearning program are to teach learners new information and then to enable them to transfer their new knowledge into their work. Learning transfer is a complex process, and most eLearning designers do not understand the simple steps that they can take to ensure that knowledge does transfer from the computer where the learners learn it to the work place where they need it.

In this engaging session, you will examine the scientific research demonstrating how you can use eLearning technologies to maximize learning transfer and positive behavior change. You will discover the three myths of eLearning and learn why overcoming these myths is critical in improving learning transfer. You will discuss how interactive eLearning, simulations, and social-learning environments can work together to sustain learning transfer and you will leave this session with a concise and useful overview of eLearning strategies that increase learning transfer.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How you can customize eLearning training to increase learning transfer
  • How pre-tests such as measuring a learner’s readiness for change can lead to a much higher learning transfer
  • Three myths that interfere with successful transfer of learning
  • Strategies to encourage executive buy-in on programs that promote learning transfer

Novice to advanced designers, developers, project managers, managers, directors, VPs, CLOs, and executives.

Technology discussed in this session:

Art Kohn


ASPIRE Consulting Group

Art Kohn, a professor of business at Portland State University, researches how to present information to maximize learning and memory. Art holds a PhD degree in cognitive science from Duke University. He was awarded the National Professor of the Year award from the American Psychological Association, and has won Fulbright Fellowships in cognitive psychology and distance education. He consults with the Centers for Disease Control on using social messaging for addressing HIV in the developing world. He and his company have produced more than 100 films, and he develops interactive media products for higher education and for corporate training. He is the author of Communicating with Psychology.

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