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Morning Buzz

Kick-start your day—and your networking—with Morning Buzz, the popular early-bird discussions held each morning of the conference. This is your chance to grab a cup of coffee and meet other conference attendees in a relaxed, casual environment, so you can share your best practices, insights, and tips while learning from one another’s experiences.

Morning Buzz will take place each morning from 7:30a to 8:15a. In addition, each day there will be Morning Buzz areas set aside for those participating in the Docent Program as an opportunity to share and reflect on learning and discuss the itinerary for each day.


Wednesday, November 16

MB01—Daily Docent Kickoff

Karen Hyder

MB02—Getting Started with the Internet of Things

Anthony Altieri

MB03—Exploring Mobile Learning Solutions

Sarah Gilbert

MB04—Getting Strategic with Your Learning Design

Clark Quinn

MB05—Virtual Reality in the Workplace

Josh Cavalier

MB06—Personalized Learning Best Practices

Jessica Knox

MB07—Mobile Performance Support Strategies

Scott McCormick

MB08—Your Favorite eLearning Hacks

Trina Rimmer

MB09—Learning and Performance Ecosystems

Steve Foreman and Marc Rosenberg

MB10—Doing More with Less

Shawn Rosler

MB11—xAPI: Why Should I Care?

Brian Dusablon

MB12—Using Ideas from Other Industries

Joseph Totherow

MB13—Gamification in Learning

Anders Gronstedt

MB14—Agile Project Management for eLearning

Megan Torrance

Thursday, November 17

MB15—Daily Docent Kickoff

Karen Hyder

MB16—Keeping on Top of the Next Big Trends in L&D

Jon Aleckson

MB17—Using 360 Video in Training

Destery Hildenbrand

MB18—LMS Decisions and Lessons Learned

Debbie Richards

MB19—Making xAPI Data Useful

Jeff Batt

MB20—The Real Value of Learning Objectives

Meg Bertapelle

MB21—Harnessing Subject Matter Expertise

Barbara Bucklin

MB22—Virtual and Augmented Reality for Learning

Mikaylie Kartchner

MB23—Video Learning Principles

Hans de Graaf

MB24—Adaptive Learning

JD Dillon

MB25—Embedding Peer Feedback

Stephanie Eskins-Gleason

MB26—Virtual Classrooms

Cindy Huggett

MB27—Writing for Learning Solutions Magazine

Bill Brandon

Friday, November 18

MB28—Daily Docent Kickoff

Karen Hyder

MB29—Getting Jobs as an eLearning Designer or Developer

Anita Horsley

MB30—Overcoming Barriers to Using Open Badges

Pete Janzow

MB31—Staying Connected When Working Remotely

Laura Payette

MB32—Working Around Social Media Policies

Craig Taylor

MB33—Creating an eLearning Portfolio

Tim Slade

MB34—Making Use of Outdated Tech

Frazier Smith

MB35—Writing a Winning Conference Speaking Proposal

David Kelly