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FocusOn Learning DemoFest 2016—October 17, 2016
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Jeff Batt

DevLearn Program Manager
The Learning Guild / Learning Dojo

Project Demonstration

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The Ninja eLearning Framework was developed to speed up the production of custom eLearning courses. This framework provides the ability to leverage web technologies such as jQuery, jQuery Mobile, GreenSock, and other libraries to build awesome custom mobile-friendly courses without having to build from scratch every time. The framework also provides the flexibility to make changes that you don’t see in most standard eLearning tools.

 The Ninja eLearning Framework contains a custom mobile-ready course player, and its default layouts make changing layouts and pages a snap. To swap the positioning of text on the screen, only a one-word change is required. The text is now on the left-hand side of the screen, and the course does not need to be published. In order to make translation quick and easy, all the text for the course is stored in a JSON file, which makes it easy to replace all language in the course with a drag-and-drop action.

 Development Time: 60 hours

 Outcomes: Using the framework will speed up all future development of eLearning courses.

Tools used in this project:

  • CSS
  • GreenSock
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Skeleton CSS
  • Sublime Text

Link to Project

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