Instructional Video is Maturing

Find out how Instructional videos are being used in organizational learning

Video is a wide-ranging topic and the way it is defined, produced, and integrated into learning strategies varies from organizations, to practitioners. To better understand how today’s organizations are using instructional videos; we surveyed over 400 learning professionals from around the globe.

In this report, Jonathan Halls uses the survey findings to uncover some challenges and key themes that appear in organizational video use.

Key themes from the study include:

  • Most respondents said their department makes video content, as opposed to outsourcing production
  • Three-quarters of respondents use screen capture software to create video
  • Video is most commonly used as part of a course, for short tutorials, and to supplement classroom training
  • A majority of videos run less than 30 minutes, with most running less than 5 minutes
  • Videos are mostly available to learners through learning management systems (LMS) and internal file servers
  • A high number of respondents use synchronized captions and audio descriptions to improve accessibility

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