How Does Your Salary Stack Up?

How have L&D salaries changed in 2020?

The Learning Guild periodically surveys members to learn about the current status of salaries, bonuses, and intent to change jobs. We were especially interested to see how these topics evolved give the unusual circumstances of 2020. A short (10 question, 3 minute) survey was administered in November 2020 and received a total of 678 responses from members of The Learning Guild community.

In L&D Employment and Pay: 2020 Status, Jane Bozarth examines survey responses and sheds light on how these employment-related topics have changed within the L&D industry in 2020.

Here is a sneak peek at a few highlights:

  • Nearly 42% of respondents have seen an increase in their base pay
  • Salaries tended to be higher in the Northeast and on the West Coast
  • More than a third of respondents have either received or expect to receive their usual bonuses

Download your free copy today to see more survey responses and get a general idea of where employment opportunities within the L&D field could be headed in the future.

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