Start Your Day with Morning Buzz

Kick-start your day with Morning Buzz, the ever-popular “Early Bird” discussions. This is your chance to grab a cup of coffee and meet other conference attendees in a relaxed, casual environment, so you can share your best practices, insights, and tips while learning from one another’s experiences.

Morning Buzz will take place each morning from 7:30a – 8:15a.


Tuesday, June 26

MB01—VR for Simulated Personal Connection

Merritt Chandler

MB02—VR Production Team Challenges

Kevin Barrett

MB03—AR Campaigns

Maya Georgieva

MB04—Tools for AR and VR Development

Mark Lassoff

MB05—Getting Started with AR

Destery Hildenbrand

MB06—360 Video in Simulations

Britney Cole

MB07—Social VR Challenges and Opportunities

Emory Craig

Wednesday, June 27

MB08—AR and Human-Centered Design

Johnny Hamilton

MB09—Leading Creative Teams

Shelley Henson

MB10—Design and Development Considerations for Standalone VR

Anders Gronstedt

MB11—AR for Performance Support

Jeff Batt

MB12—Using AR in Training

Ann Rollins

MB13—Machine Learning and L&D

Hugh Seaton

MB14—Conversation-Based Simulations Considerations

Mark Britz

Thursday, June 28

MB15—Building AR/VR Learning Communities

Colin Welch

MB16—VR for Empathy Development

Anders Gronstedt

MB17—AR and VR: Which Is Right When?

Jeff Batt

MB18—Bringing Conference Insights Back to Your Workplace

Myra Roldan

MB19—Contributing to eLearning Guild Events and Publications

elearning Guild Programming Team

MB20—Contribute to the VR Learning Handbook

Hugh Seaton